Online Student Help Desk

You may not be able to enter your online course until the start date.
Please check your course's start date in the Schedule of Classes

Your class may be on Etudes or Canvas. Please check the Online Class List Login page to see which system your class is on.

If you were just added from a wait list, there is a delay of one business day before you will have access to the course site online.

OpenCCC / CCCID! If you are redirected to a page prompting you to create an OpenCCC account or to create a CCC ID, this is a legitimate request and a requirement of using Canvas at Delta College. If you did not go through CCC Apply when you last applied to Deta College, then you would have to create an Open CCC account as prompted, in order to log into the Canvas online course system. After creating your OpenCCC account / CCC ID, you should be able to log into Canvas using the first part of your Delta Student email address, as instructed below.


Log into Etudes with your Delta Student ID Number and Etudes password.
Do not use dashes in your ID number. If this is the first time you are using Etudes, your password will be the same as the one you use for Online Registration (your PIN).
If you need to reset your Etudes password, please click the "Reset Password" link on the Etudes login page and enter your Delta Student Email Address, including
If it doesn't recognize your Delta email address, click the link in the error message that says, "Click here for help" and fill out an Account Update form.
This will NOT change any other password you use at Delta -- only your Etudes password.

Log into Canvas with the first part of your Delta Student Email Address and your PIN.
For example, if your Delta Student Email Address is, your Canvas Username would be jsmith123

Students enrolled in online courses may submit help tickets by logging in below. Follow these steps to submit a question:

1) Enter your Delta College Student ID
This is your assigned "98 number". For example, if your Student ID is 98-123-4567, enter 981234567.

2) Enter your PIN
This is your date of birth in the form MMDDYY, unless you have changed it.

3) Click the Login button


The Online Student Help Desk can be reached Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm at 209-954-5840.

For evening and weekend Canvas support, call: 844-612-7424

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